We have worked closely with several leading ranges to design our MT Brass Sweeper that maximizes efficiency while minimizing the disturbance of deadly lead dust.  Our MT Brass Sweepers skim along the ground without touching or scraping up unwanted dust.  All 3 widths are useable for all shell sizes from .22lr to Shotgun shells.  Our unique design has 2 different height adjustment holes and comes with 2 different wheel sizes to give you 4 options on height, depending on the evenness of your floor surface and the size of casings you are collecting. 

Our MT Sweepers are available for sale in 3 width sizes. 

  • 22 (smallest) with an approximate 22” width.  
  • 30 (medium) with an approximately 30” width.  
  • 40 (largest) with an approximately 40” width. 

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MT Brass Separator

Hundreds of hours went into designing and building our MT Brass Separator.  It’s compact design will fit through a standard doorway and will fit in an 8’ truck bed.  It is powered by standard 110/120 power with a North American standard 3 point plugs.

The MT Brass Separator will make your business money by separating scrap brass into a size specific saleable asset that is sought after by reloaders everywhere. 

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